While attending a wine festival in Santa Barbara in 2016, my sister in law gave me the gift of a wine glass holder necklace. I thought it was a brilliant idea and was shocked I had never seen one before then. It made the wine tasting experience so much more enjoyable, not having to find a place to put down my glass so I could eat, or use the bathroom, and just not having to carry around a glass for 5hrs. 
As soon as I got home I looked for a more "Jewelry" type of necklace, because we all get so dressed up at these events, that I wanted to have something shiny and pretty. However I couldnt find a single design that was "dressy" or looked like jewelry. So thats when I decided to make one for myself.
When I wore it to wine events, I got so many people begging me to make one for them, that my small little operation was created. I did my first wine festival as a vendor in August of 2016, and sold out of product. I quickly applied for a patent, put up a website, and have been hand making these elegant jewelry design wine glass necklaces for all wine lovers around the world to enjoy.

- Jasmine Arthur (Owner/Creator)